SPV Concierge

Providing the Market with a Unique Service

Because SPV Concierge has developed expertise that is unrivaled in the global marketplace, we are able to provide you with an experience no one else can approach.

Our founder Jeremy Neilson built and led a team whose accomplishments and impact dwarfed any other SPV provider in the marketplace. Between 2013 and 2022, Assure established more than 9,000 SPVs for a client base in excess of 2000 organizations. The Assure team served more than 235,000 investors, with more than $12 billion in assets under management. We managed client distributions of more than $550 million. The asset types served run the gamut, from start ups to syndicate funds, family offices, a wide array of angel, VC and other private equity groups, clubs and platforms, as well as secondary offerings.

The team’s clients have represented fields ranging from crypto to cannabis, land and real estate development, art and film, and countless others. The insight and expertise that the SPV Concierge team has developed enables us to provide our clients with a level of service that is entirely without precedent in the innovation investment marketplace.

Comfortable with Customization

SPV Concierge is uniquely capable of providing comprehensive expert services across jurisdictions, structures, and asset classes. Other SPV providers require clients to use a single jurisdiction and structure and support very few asset types.

For example, a Delaware master series LLC is an excellent structure—the SPV Concierge team originally brought the structure into the ecosystem—yet in many cases a different structure is more appropriate. The LP structure is required for deals involving non-US investors because many countries don’t recognize the LLC structure. Some jurisdictions are as attractive as Delaware at a fraction of the cost. Utah, for example, has mirrored Delaware’s corporate code, yet charges 92% less than Delaware.

Finally, the type of asset that an SPV invests into will change the administration needs of that SPV. SPV Concierge is uniquely equipped to seamlessly customize our service offerings in all these ways to meet the multifaceted, evolving needs of a diverse group of innovative clients. Unlike other providers, we will not turn away clients who want to invest in a variety of assets, use various structures, or create different products for their investors. Our clients avoid the frustration of having to find new providers for every different structure, jurisdiction, product, or asset class they want to invest in or use.

We can help you do it all, all at once. For example, we can meet the exacting and unique requirements of an investment in real estate, crypto, art, film and other novel assets. No other provider can help you traverse the expansive geographic, structural and asset landscape like we can. SPV Concierge has got you covered.

With whom should I trust

Thinking about your experience throughout the lifecycle of your SPV, it pays to ask the question: With whom should I entrust my investment, vision, and network?

Your Network

An SPV provider that requires your network to join their platform so they can market other deals to them behind your back? Or the team at SPV Concierge, which will focus all their energies on ensuring the success of your team, your investors and your project, and won’t cannibalize your network? 


A provider that provides all its services to you through junior analysts—who have never attended law school, invested any of their own money, dealt with a complex tax return, and who don’t have a solid grasp on the basics of private asset investing, or using structured vehicles? Or SPV Concierge, the team with the broadest experience and deepest expertise in the SPV marketplace?

High-Touch Support

A provider that doesn’t provide meaningful customer support, that refuses to answer the phone or emails, and pushes clients to use online video tutorials or chat? Or the responsive, sophisticated, and high-touch approach of the SPV Concierge team?

Adaptive Approach

A provider that forces you to use inflexible, one-size-fits-all technology, structure and documents? Or the ultra-responsive, technology-agnostic, structure-agnostic, document-agnostic approach of the SPV Concierge team, which has the industry-unique operational capability to adapt to the approach of your choice— ensuring a smooth, seamless experience for you and your investors.

Any further questions? We didn’t think so… The SPV Concierge team looks forward to working with you!

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