SPV Concierge

Highly Sophisticated, Comprehensive SPV Service

SPV Concierge Services is a highly sophisticated, comprehensive SPV service designed to guide promising ventures through the life cycle of the SPV— or provide customized high-level services for just the SPVs close. SPV Concierge serves organizations and syndicators through a dedicated SPV team of best-in-class specialists with a laser focus on their transactions, investors, and administrative requirements.

Concentrated, Dedicated Team of Experienced Specialists

Every SPV Concierge client is matched with a concentrated, dedicated team of experienced specialists that will guide you on your journey to successful fulfillment. Each team will be led by a Juris Doctor with other highly trained associates. Your effective and efficient SPV Concierge team will perform all tasks, including investor onboarding, in the 19 requisite focus areas that each SPV must fulfill. Your team will also oversee the outsourced functions of tax return preparation and financials when needed. SPV Concierge Services will strictly limit the number of clients each team will work with, assuring attention to detail and responsiveness.

Addressing an Unmet Need

SPV Concierge draws deeply upon its team’s experience leading the creation of the framework, technology and business models that brought SPVs into the mainstream of the innovation economy. These innovations made it possible, for the first time, to launch special purpose vehicles at scale. They also made the SPV process exponentially faster, more cost-effective and intuitive. The systems and processes that the SPV Concierge team created provided access to capital for a larger marketplace of entrepreneurs and innovators than ever, including historically disadvantaged people without prior access to capital sources. Now SPV Concierge Services is addressing another major unmet need in the venture ecosystem. This is the pent-up demand at the leading edge of the innovation economy for comprehensive, high-touch, rapid-response expert services that can be accessed at any stage along the lifecycle of the SPV – from start-up to shutdown. We look forward to working with you to improve lives and evolve the innovation economy across the world.


20 years in the making

SPV Concierge’s creator, Jeremy Neilson, has invested in private assets, managing capital and providing innovative administrative services for nearly a quarter of a century. He has personally invested in dozens of startup companies and, at Assure, his former fund administration company, he set up, closed and administered nearly 10,000 SPVs; administered over $12B in assets; onboarded over 235K investors; and distributed over $550M from investment exits. While SPV Concierge leverages Assure’s legacy and experiences, it is an entirely separate company.

Jeremy Neilson

Before launching SPV Concierge, Mr. Neilson built and managed the $300M Utah Fund of Funds, co-Founded Assure, a $12B AUA SPV and fund administration company, launched a SPV-focused law firm, organized multiple SPVs, and started several companies.

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