SPV Concierge

White Glove, High Touch, Expert SPV Services

SPV Concierge is a customizable, comprehensive, high-touch, rapid-response expert SPV service that can be accessed for the lifetime of an SPV — or for just the launch and closing of an opportunity.

White Glove

SPV Concierge is for those that want a highly-experienced, dedicated SPV team focused on their transactions, their investors and ongoing administration. Concierge SPV does not restrict its clients to specific technology platforms, structures, jurisdictions, documents or services. Each client is placed with a Juris Doctor team lead and a few highly trained associates who will efficiently and effectively perform all of the myriad tasks that each SPV must fulfill.


SPV Concierge Services brings together an industry-unique combination of expertise and dedicated customized service. From investor onboarding to tax preparation, regulatory compliance and shut-down of the SPV entity upon successful completion of its objectives, the SPV Concierge team has the multi-faceted expertise to complete all tasks in all 19 areas of subject matter expertise that each SPV must address.


The SPV Concierge advantage is built upon a foundation of unparalleled experience, expertise, innovation and impact. SPV Concierge tailors its offering to the evolving situation and requirements of each customer, whether it is a family office, VC firm, syndicator, or advisor. The SPV Concierge legacy involves the service of more than, 9,000 SPVs, $12B in AUM, and over 200,000 global investors, across multiple industries in every asset class and business structure.


The core SPV Concierge Services product is a comprehensive, hands-on guided journey through the life of your SPV with a fully dedicated team of domain experts. Every SPV Concierge Services will begin with a laser-focused strategic analysis of the client SPV’s core objectives, strategy, requirements and team, including the delivery of an actionable plan for executing the client’s vision.

Client Profile

SPV Concierge was created to serve organizations that want the most experienced, expert, responsive, and permissive SPV services. We do not restrict our clients to specified geographic, jurisdictions, technology platforms, structures or documents. We are unique in our ability to transcend all these boundaries. Our target clients will typically have completed at least three deals in the past with intentions to annually complete, at a minimum, 5 deals of around $1M or more per deal. Many organizations have been frustrated by the lack of customized SPV services expertise in the marketplace. SPV Concierge Services is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of these special teams and organizations.

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